Wednesday, May 28, 2008

so. . .

Yes, that's right, he got his motorcycle. I finally caved on the motorcycle given the inexpensive one he was looking at and, with gas at nearly four dollars a gallon, the 50-60 mpg was looking really great. One of John's employee's spouse was selling it so we did get a good price on it. It's a 1979 Honda something or other and it is actually in great condition with only 6500 miles on it. So John took the class to get the endorsement on his license and he drives it to and from work everyday. I have yet to take a ride on it but I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my pretty pink helmet.

More importantly, I have a new minivan. I have wanted an Odyssey since the day I started driving a minivan, come on it's a Honda minivan! Anyway, we have been seriously looking for a few weeks and we have gone back and forth about another car payment. The Windstar has been an okay van (besides having to replace the tranny a year ago, and the recent check engine light appearance) but it was creeping up on a hundred thousand miles and I am pretty sure a Ford minivan with that kind of mileage might be more of a problem than an asset. Anyway, we had planned on running it into the ground but we figured if we can get something out of it for a newer one then, why not? And besides, Father's Day is coming up and I am due for an incredible gift!!

Anyway, it's a 2000 Odyssey and I love it. Out of all the bazillion that we looked at this was the prettiest (color) and the best deal, by far. I was wanting one a bit newer (brand new would be nice!!) but, being a Honda and all, the price jumps the newer you get. Besides, it would be a real bummer going from no car payment on the van to a huge one, so I am happy with the van and the deal we got. And I must say that whoever invented the dual power sliding doors deserves an award of some kind.

Given the recent expenses, our dates will now consist of trips to the driving range (I have his old clubs) and rides on the motorcaycle. The unfortunate thing here is that driving my van is going to be sparse given the price of gas. So, John has his motorcycle and golf clubs, and I have my 'new' van. I think we should be set for a while.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Okay, so we were unbelievably close to buying a new car this weekend. John had looked at the Kia Spectra with my dad. Well, it gets better gas mileage and the payment would be close to what we have on the Impala anyway and Kia has that good warranty. We didn't buy one though. Now he is trying to convince me to let him buy this motorcycle that one of his employee's brother (or something like that) is selling. The crazy thing--I am actually considering it.

Gas is so expensive and he drives 25 miles to and from work every day. While the Impala gets better gas mileage than our minivan, it's not that great. I could cram all the kids into the Impala and be a little better off with mileage if I want to take them down to Denver to the zoo or museum and stuff like that. I don't know though, motorcycles make me nervous. My brother has had a number of them and gotten into an accident or two that weren't his fault. Motorcycles are just dangerous and I need that man around. Mostly just to work and provide for me in the lifestyle that I am accustomed to.

We are definitely going to have to give it more thought. Meanwhile, my adorable baby boy laughed for the first time yesterday. Like a real 'haha' laugh. He actually did it on a couple different occasions yesterday. Apparently he really likes rap music, at least the kind his daddy makes up for him.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Lake

Well, John got a new set of golf clubs for Mother's Day. How does that happen?! He did get me some beautiful flowers and a made to order breakfast yesterday. We did decide this past weekend though, that we are officially, 100% going to Lake Powell this year. We were kind of going back and forth as to wether we should go or not. We are trying to save money. But with that in mind, Lake Powell is the least expensive thing we can do with the kids this summer. Besides, I love it and the kids love it too. The verdict is still out for John. The one year he came with us, the beach was terrible and the weather was awful.

We purchased a new tent and some cots for the trip. Cots? You might ask. Well, no matter where we go, it's all about the sleep with John. He needs to get a good nights rest or he doesn't enjoy the trip. Not me, I might be a tad sore in the morning, but I can sleep anywhere. We also had some major issues with the air mattress last time he came, so cot it is. The beg tent is nice, we can all fit with ease, the cots too.

I am so looking forward to going. It's my vaca. Yeah, sure it's camping, but it's also a week chilling in the water and spending time with family. On top of that, I slack on my mothering too. We have but two rules at the lake - life jackets and liquids. The kids have to wear a life jacket always, unless sleeping, and they have to drink lots of water. That's it. John doesn't really believe me when I tell him how much the kids enjoy going to the lake, but come on . . . they get one whole week where they can eat what they want (or don't want), go to bed when they want and play all day. What toddler, or kid for that matter, wouldn't just love that? That's their dream, right?

Saturday, May 10, 2008


So this is my son!! He always makes the funniest faces. My brother-in-law, Taylor, just happened to catch this one on our trip to UT a few weeks ago. When we showed it to my mom she thought that John had tampered with it somehow. Nope. That's our boy!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This is Clara...

Taking over for the hubby. Like he mentioned, we are hoping that I will be a tad better at keeping things updated. I am still figuring out how to do all this stuff and hopefully I will have some more cute pix of my adorable children on here soon. It's good that they look so cute in the photos. I am hoping that I will look back on them and not remember how horrible they were on some days.

Abigail is definetely tryng to assert her independence and I just wish she wouldn't do that!! It makes for some pretty rough times for the both of us. Jake is just a boy through and through. Isaac, well, Isaac is crying right now so I better take care of that!

Monday, May 5, 2008


So I know it has been a while since my last post. Just to update you all on everything.....

Allen and Megan were married April 22nd, and pretty much everyone was there. Yes, with all the Balsmeiers migrating from Kansas to Utah, it was almost as spectacular event as the exodus of the Jews with Moses. I am pretty sure Moses had less drama with his people than my family though. Anyways, we are excited to have Megan in our family, and hope she isn't too scared.

The kids are all doing well. Isaac is getting big (fat). Abbi and Jake are growing up and getting more ornery each day.

I am currently showing Clara how to update this, so she should be more diligent than I am.

That is all so far. Look forward to more fabulous posts by my lovely (and very Hot) wife!