Thursday, June 26, 2008


If you look closely at Abbi's ear here, you'll notice something... ya, I got her ears pierced. I was thinking of doing it for her 4th birthday so I went to the mall to look and ask the questions I had. She saw this pair of flower earrings and she wanted them pierced NOW! No fit really, she was just very sure that she was ready and needed them. Surprisingly, she picked the blue flowers, not the pink ones like I suspected she would. After the first one, she cried for about 15 seconds and then said that she was ready for the next one. She cried after that one too, for about 30 seconds, then she wanted to see her "pretty earrings" in the mirror and then proceeded to ask me if I had any money for the carousel. Anyway, she was very brave and now she shows everyone and says, "I love having my ears pierced."
Someone asked me the other day if she was a "girly-girl', you know princesses and pretties. I didn't really know how to answer that. She loves princesses and Barbies and dressing up and now earrings, but she also really enjoys the 'boy' stuff. She likes to play with Jake's trains and cars and she loves the tractors in the sand box. On the other hand, she makes a fuss about what clothes she is wearing and if they match. she is also a pretty fearless little girl. It made me proud at Lake Powell last year that she went tubing and all kinds of stuff. So I guess she is a girly-girl and then some.
The boys are really great too. John is relieved that the dressing up didn't last long with Jake. For a while there he wanted to dress up like a princess with Abbi. Now he won't, he'll put on his cowboy stuff and they pretend that he is the prince. Jake also has decided that Cars is his favorite movie, well it's a toss-up between that and old Donald Duck cartoons. He is always climbing on stuff, I turn around for a second and he's on the window sill. It's safe to say that he is all boy. And Isaac is just so sweet. He smiles and laughs all the time. He thinks everything is funny. He has been sleeping through the night since about two months old, well, except for last week. He was waking up during the night and, not only could I not figure out why, I just couldn't handle it. I get up at 5 AM to go to the gym and I just can't swing that when I am up all night with a crying baby. A lot of frustration was present merely because I had not a clue as to what was wrong. He wasn't hungry and we hadn't changed anything. Anyway, whatever it was he is over now and we have peaceful nights again.
So my princess and my boys are doing great. Too bad those peaceful nights don't carry over into peaceful days. Abbi and Jake have been fighting a lot today so I better go take care of that. I think a nap right about now would be wonderful.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pretty in Pink

So here it is!! My helmet came this past week. I actually haven't worn it on a ride but I do occasionally wear it in the house. ( Abbi and jake think it's funny when I put it on.) John had ordered a riding jacket and some other stuff. He also got all that stuff this past week so he is pretty set. I have to say though, the helmet he got is not nearly as good looking as mine!!

Monday, June 2, 2008


When Abbi was just getting potty trained, over a year ago now, we went to a restaurant. At this restaurant she told me she had to go potty, so I took her, naturally. Anyway, when she was finished and had gotten off the toilet, it flushed, all by itself. She was fascinated. She asked me how the toilet could flush on it's own and I tried to explain mechanics of this amazing product. I realized it didn't sink in when she asked, "Is it magic, Mommy?" Not wanting to re-iterate the whole conversation I had just had, apparently with myself, I responded,"Yes, Abbi, it's a magic toilet." From that moment on, they were magic toilets and she gets pretty excited about the magical experience of using the restroom at certain places.

As far as what the heck this has to do with anything, well, my van has magic doors!! Abbi thinks it's the greatest that the sliding doors will seemingly open and close by themselves. She likes to pull the handle or push the button that starts the magical motion. While she is a bit confused about the real process of these amazing contraptions, I agree that they are magical. It is absolute magic to me to have the process of getting three kids into the car made a bit easier. That one part of my day goes a little smoother and stress free. (Well, not exactly stress free.) Have I mentioned that I am really liking my new van? I told John that the next van we get is going to have to have the automatic tailgate on it too!!

Speaking of John, I did take a ride on the motorcycle and it was a lot of fun. My pink helmet has still not arrived, I know you were wondering. On the first ride I took we noticed there was this funny noise every time John shifted or we went over a bump. We thought it was the shocks, they are, after all, older than I am. When we got back to the house John made a discovery, it wasn't the shocks that were making the noise. In fact it was the weight of my big rear on the back making the fender hit the tire!! Now, John may have thought this but he didn't say it (Good boy) and he tightened up the springs. We took it out again and it only happens if we go over a pretty big bump. New shocks are a little pricey so I guess maybe I could lose a leg or something and lighten the load on the back half of the seat.