Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Well everyone, life here is crazy!! We spent this last weekend having a garage sale and cleaning out my Dad's garage. If you have ever seen his garage, you'll know the kind of effort that would have to go into cleaning it. the result however is very exciting for me, I get to park in the garage! It is the first time in a good 11years that my parents have had a working car in their garage. I know what you're thinking- "well, good for them. " That's right, good for them (us) but not to burst the bubble, they are moving to Arizona! They were pressured a little (by me of course) that if John and I are to rent the house from them when they go, the garage needs to have my mini van in it and dad needs to put on the garage door opener he got last Christmas.

On Monday, I started babysitting two adorable kids. Talin is two and his sister, Zara, is 4 months. They are adorable. So with my three that makes 5. Which is not too bad really except that's 5 kids under the age of 5. It's like having Abbi then two set of twins in a row. Crazy. These kids are good kids, I just have to adjust to it. The past two days, I didn't eat lunch, just an early dinner. I am working on the routine and things are going well.

My father took another trip to the ER last night (that makes 6 trips there in the past year). HE was rear-ended on his way to pick up my Mother in Boulder. He is fine, just a little sore. Before we had to go pick them up last night, John took me to buy new silverware and he also got me a new crock pot. Yeah, new appliances!!