Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I think my kids get almost as excited about Halloween as they do for Christmas. The idea of dressing up and going around to ask people for candy (which, under normal circumstances, would be rude) is just absolutely the most fun they can have.

The Saturday before Halloween, we got all dressed up and went to the Costume Parade here in town. Costumes were a little bit of an issue this year. I really wanted to force them to be Tigger, Pooh and Piglet. Silly, I know, but they were actually okay with it. We go to Wally World and lo and behold Tigger, Pooh and Piglet were nowhere to be found. Then the older two decided they could all be puppies and be the Dalmation Plantation off 101 Dalmations. Dog costumes were not to be had either. We kept looking and Abbi decided she could be a beautiful witch (this is after I vetoed the $30 Princess costume) because Mommy was going to be a witch too. Although Jake decided on Superman, he kept calling himself Batman. Then there is Isaac, who didn't get much say in the matter, who was the bee that now all three of my kids have been. The kids really enjoyed seeing all the other Supermans and bees and other crazy and imaginative costumes at the parade.

On Halloween, we went to Greeley for my sister's ward Trunk-or-Treat. They did a whole "Fall Festival" thing too so the kids had a really great time. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, trunk or treated, got faces painted and even won a couple of goldfish. Abbi and Jake had a grand ole time while Isaac slept in the stroller for most of it.

The Saturday after Halloween, we had a dinner party here. It's kind of been tradition in my family to have a Haunted Dinner so we invited some friends and family over and had a great time.

The weekend was pushed over the top for my kids when Grandpa came home for a surprise visit. They were outside all day Saturday helping Gramps work on the the truck. 'Helping" is used very loosely in this context but they did come in right before the dinner party absolutely filthy and covered in oil. Thank you Grandpa. My kids just adore Gramps. When Abbi prays for meals or family prayer she, without fail, asks, "Please bless Grandpa in Arizona so he doesn't get hurt by the big cactuses and that he won't get sick in Arizona. " She was praying for a long time that "Grandpa can get better from his sickness that I don't know what it is." That, of course, is referring to the kidney stones he was hospitalized for a few months ago.

Anyway, had I known that Gramps was coming back we may not have planned all the activities we did but the kids had a great time with him and all the stuff we did.