Friday, February 27, 2009

Why do Crocs have holes in them?

Sure the holes keep your feet from smelling and who knows what else. But whoever thought of the holes didn't ever have a child throw up on them I am sure. Jake had a stomach bug a few days ago. After cancelling play groups and changing sheets and giving him a couple of baths--I remained fairly unscathed. That is until last night. Jake's issue only lasted about 24 hours but of course Isaac has it now.

We were on our way to Greeley to meet my sister at Ci Ci's pizza. Yum Yum. We had almost made it into Greeley when Ike puked all over himself and the carseat. Gross. The van smelt so bad!! We decided to go to Wal-Mart and get him some clean clothes and something to clean out his seat for the time being. After all that, we head to the restaurant. The other kids and I had to eat and he didn't have anything else in his stomach anyway. So we go to the restaurant and eat. I didn't give Isaac anything but a saltine and some pedialyte that was in his cup. He was getting fussy near the end so I took him out of the high chair and sat him on my lap. Bad idea!! He proceeded to throw up all over me... and the floor... and himself. It was such a mess. There were a couple of young college girls sitting close to us and I swear we convinced them never to have children.

So vomit all over me and everything else. This is were my problem with the holes in crocs comes in. Puke, chunks and all, ooze quite nicely through those holes and, believe me, it's very uncomfortable to say the least. It is a darn good thing I can just hose them off though!!

We did make it home and Abbi threw up in the van as we were getting out at the house. We got them all in bed without incident. That is until Abbi got out of bed and stood at the top of the stairs to throw up again. Not convenient positioning on her part.

Oh, the joys of parenting!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Road Trip

So last Thursday afternoon, we (my parents and I) decided to leave Friday morning for a road trip to Arizona. My parents had actually started to move down there last fall but plans changed and they are going to UT instead. In the process of moving, they hauled most of their belongings and my Dad's ginormous boat down there. On his return, he brought the boxes and stuff so the boat (his baby) remained 16 hours away. We decided that we should head down and get the thing before he started his new job and had to take time off.

Well, Grandma and Grandpa decided and I decided that the kids and I needed to come. Since Grandpa moved down there, Abbi has prayed fervently that he could be kept safe from the big cactus (sahuaro cactus to be exact). That and all the stories and things I have told them about growing up in Arizona made Abbi and Jake very interested in the state. I was also very interested in stopping at Pancho's. A Mexican food place that I have very fond memories of when we lived in El Paso actually, but they have one in Phoenix.
Anyway, we packed up Friday morning and headed out. After eight hours in the car, we arrived at Bluewater New Mexico and we camped, yes camped in February, in the truck. We had a campfire with Jiffy Pop that the kids thought was so cool and we slept in the cab of the truck with Grandma and Grandpa in the bed of the truck. In the morning, we went down to the freezing water, Abbi was upset she couldn't go for a swim. Then we were on the road again.

As we approached Gallup, Abbi noticed some "cliffs" that looked just like the ones in Radiator Springs. Cars, Jake's favorite movie, was based on the old Highway 66 and they took a lot of thing from the actual area and adapted it for the movie. We arrived in Phoenix that evening and I got to go to Pancho's. The only craving I have had in all my pregnancies was for a cheese tostada from this restaurant. Obviously, that was never fulfilled, until Saturday night. SOOOOO GOOOOD!!!! The only unfortunate thing is that I want another one!! That is not likely to happen. Then we went to Ikea- I love that place!!

We were able to see my Uncle Dewalt and his family. They were kind enough to let us crash at their house and Abigail took a big liking to my cousin Thomas. He is fourteen and he was a very good sport to put up with her following him around and asking him a million questions. My Aunt, with help was kind enough to make us breakfast and Abbi wouldn't sit until she knew where Thomas was sitting and she wouldn't pick a drink or get anything to eat until she knew what he was going to eat and drink. Thanks Thomas for being so great to her. Then she found Thomas's sister Sarah and asked her about three million questions as well. Thanks again guys!!

Abbi had a great time with my cousins and Isaac took a liking to Uncle Dewalt. It was a lot of fun to visit them and be at the house where I have so many memories playing with their kids closer to my age. It was a blast!! The next morning, before we left town, we stopped to see an old friend of mine, Emily. IT was so wonderful to see her. I miss her so much and it was nice just to see her in person and give her a hug and see how she is doing. I love you Emily. As we were headed out of town, we had to stop at an In and Out burger because I had never been to one. Then, the big moment came when we found a place to pull off the road. Grandpa, Abbi, Jake and I hopped out of the truck and went for a little hike. We got to see all the desert plants and several different varieties of cactus. I know it sounds crazy, but the kids have never seen cactus and they have heard a lot about it so they were absolutely amazed at the different kinds and how often they appear in the Arizona desert.

We took off Sunday morning to come home and Grandma suggested that we would only be an hour or so from the Grand Canyon. We decided that it would be a lot of fun to take the kids to "the big hole in the ground" (as they call it). So we took the huge detour and the kids thought it was great. We were at the South Rim and we walked along the path for almost a mile and back and made some great memories. Then we headed back. We stayed at a hotel in Holebrook which the kids thought equally as fun as any thing else on the trip.
Before we really got on the road Monday morning, we decided to humor the kids and stop at a tourist-y gift shop off the interstate near the petrified forest in New Mexico. They had fake tipi's up and a weather rock and some of the petrified trees. Abbi kept asking where the Indians were that lived in the tipi's. It turned into this huge conversation about how 'Indians' are just like everyone else and live in houses and drive cars now. They didn't ever live in tipi's in the southwest anyway. She had so many questions and it was funny to try to get her to understand. Then after a super long day yesterday, we made it home at about midnight last night.

It was a really short trip and we spent most of it in the car, but we all had a really good time. I might say this a lot, but I am so grateful for my parents. They are such wonderful grandparents. They did so much this past weekend just to humor my three and four year old. I am so grateful that my children have supportive and happy grandparents. Thanks mom and dad!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bummer. . .

So the past week or so I have been feeling a little (okay, a lot) like garbage. Pregnancy, right? I was just thinking it was a little weird that the 'morning' sickness just hit at 10 weeks. Well, that's because it didn't!!!

I went to my first Dr's appointment yesterday and found out that my body was completely whacked out over the holidays apparently. I am only eight weeks and 2 days today, although, my cycle (which I am 100% sure about) would put me at 10 weeks and 2 days. Crazy!! And a bit upsetting- I would really like to be the 10 weeks instead of 8. Oh well. We did find out that the baby is there and has a very healthy heart beat, so still some good news.

Bad news... Abbi didn't get into the Charter School that we wanted her to get into. Well, she is on this list (#88 out of 89 names) and the school takes 21. Now people move and parents decline spots so the openings will move up the list, but come on... she's second to last. Stupid lottery system!! I am pretty bummed but I know that there is a reason and things will be fine no matter where she goes to Kindergarten in the fall.

I think it might be a blessing in disguise because my father found a job in UT that he starts in just over a week and my mom will be following him out there once she gets the house here taken care of. Therefore, John and I are moving!! I do say that like it's a good thing. My parents have been so unbelievably gracious to let us live here for almost two years and things could not have been more fun. We have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know them better and I marvel at how wonderful they are with my kids. John and I are so grateful for their kindness and all that they have done for us. I am so grateful that this experience has done nothing but strengthen our relationship with my parents. They are such great people and amazing grandparents. Thanks Mom and Dad!!

With all that, moving is still a good thing. We are ready to have a place of our own. I am also looking forward to being in a new part of town. We just have to keep praying that we always have a renter in our house in KS or we can get it sold someday soon.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Here we go again. . .

I have not posted in a while. There isn't all that much going on with us. That is to say that January was actually a very happening month for my extended family. Several unfortunate things have been going on and we are grateful that we (John and I) do have some good news to share. . . we are expecting our fourth baby in September!!

Yes, that is right, I am only eight weeks people. Past history would tell me that I shouldn't even know that I am pregnant yet, but the test did work pretty early on (for me anyway). And whether or not I wanted to wait until I had at least seen a doctor, John can not keep a secret. In his defense, he didn't know that it was a secret for now. That's only because he told everyone he knew before he spoke to me about it. Yeah, you think he might be excited or something?! At this point, I should apologize to all who received the picture message of the 'stick' that showed a positive pregnancy. That was really meant for John's eyes only. Sorry.

So no, I have not been to a Dr. or anything but given the fact that I saw the announcement on his Facebook, I better get it out in the open I suppose. The kids are very excited Abbi is expecting a little sister (Diamond or Sparkle) and Jake a little brother (Jake). One of them will be right (not about the name-obviously)!!

With all the news that has been spreading around here, things seem to be settling down. We are just waiting for Isaac to walk or talk or do something other than eat. We'll see. I am sure it's in his future somewhere!!