Sunday, March 15, 2009

Special...or not?

I have this little girl, my princess, Abigail. She is very independent and smart and so excited to learn and do new things. She is also very opinionated and will tell you everything that goes through her pretty little head.

She came home from preschool the other day and this is what she said to me...
"Mommy, Jake is very special. He is special because he makes us laugh. I am special because I can run really fast. Mommy, you are special because...(long pause)... well, I guess you are not very special. Isaac is special because he is silly."

At least she is honest!!!

I love my children tremendously and they crack me up constantly. One of my favorite parts of preschool age children is hearing all the crazy things they say. When Abbi was younger I decided to keep a little notebook and write down the funny and sweet things they say. I highly recommend this. It is so funny to go back and read the things that they have said and done. This and the 'corn' incident are both recent entries!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Corn makes me nervous..."

So I have this little boy named Jacob Ryan. Jake, as we call him, is very sensitive and can be very sweet. He does not like new things. I once had to drag him kicking and screaming to the top of one of those big bouncy castle slides, and push him down it, to make him realize that they are supposed to be fun. Just for the record, I couldn't get him off the thing when it was time to go!! This little boy of mine also had a very hard time at meals. He is not a huge eater (except for doughnut days) and getting him to eat his vegetables is like pulling teeth.

For a long time, this problem escalated because he was smart enough to gag on them. I didn't buy it, but John...well, John thought that Jake wasn't that clever. Oh, he is. Anyway, meal times have gotten a lot smoother in recent history, partly because John isn't usually home for dinner and, I don't know, maybe Jake realizes I am going to make him sit there until he eats. Who knows!!

Last night Grandma had gone to the grocery store on her way home from work. She got the kids each one of those kid TV dinner things for kind of a 'special' dinner for them. They had a corn dog, french fries, corn and some chocolate pudding in them. I heat them up and we sit down for our very casual dinner. Abbi is eating away, Jake, of course, tackles the pudding first. He starts eating is corn dog and I inform him that he has to eat the corn too. After quite a few bites of the corn, he says (with his mouth full of corn), "I can't eat this mom. Corn makes me nervous. It makes me nervous so I can't eat it."

What a strange child!! I will also say this about my handsome boy...he knows how to make me laugh!!