Thursday, April 23, 2009

Signing off (soon)

As you know, we are moving on May second. After that, John will be keeping up the blog from work of he gets a spare minute or two. I really love the opportunity that blogging gives to keep in touch so I am hoping that he does a good job... and I hope to to be back in touch soon!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


The week before we left for KS for the wedding, we were also looking for a house to rent. (We did find a really cute ranch home.) We were in KS for over a week and we were home for a week before the kids and I left town for UT. We had a nice time visiting my brother and his family and an awesome time at the baby shower we threw for both my pregnant sisters.

We have a lot of extended family out there in UT so we decided to throw them a shower out there-family only, kind of . So we all got to see many of the aunts and cousins that live that way. It was a great time.

Now we are home and planning on heading back out to UT in two weeks when Jessica has her baby on the 24th. Then we move a week later on May 2nd. I really need to get some packing in there somewhere!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


We were in KS all of last week for a wedding. John's younger sister, Jordan, tied the knot to a wonderful guy. Blake fits in the family well and we are all thrilled to have him as the newest addition. We were able to be in attendance when Kailyn, the newest baby, was blessed. We had an Easter Egg Hunt and got to play with the cousins a lot. It was nice to visit John's family, especially given that we haven't seen them in almost nine months!!

We headed out there on the 20th. Allen, John's younger brother, and his wife flew here from SLC and drove with us out to KS. I feel a little bad that we crammed them in the far back seat of the Odyssey. Not so bad when I think about how car sick I got last time I rode back there. Anyway, we had a nice ride out there and a very nice time visiting the zoo that is John's mother's house (when everyone is there--he has a large family). This past Sunday Kathi wanted to do an Easter Egg Hunt while we were in town. The kids had a great time. Abbi had a wonderful time eating a bunch of her candy that evening. I think she may have regretted that decision when she puked all over herself, her brother and both their bedding later that night. Given that we were to head back home the next morning, I threw it all in some trash bags, a lot of trash bags, and everyone went back to sleep.

We were a little worried about the weather on the way home but, except for the area around Limon, the weather was nothing more than windy. What we should have been worried about was Abbi's stomach...

We had been off the toll road (headed up Colorado Blvd.) for no more than 5 minutes when Abbi hurls all over the far back seat. Poor Allen and Megan, you know the suckers we stuck in the back. I felt terrible. There is no gas station or anything in sight so I tell John to pull over so we can clean it up. It's freezing outside, there is vomit everywhere in the van, Megan is gagging due to the smell (we are all grateful at this point that she has a cold and can't really smell it all, she jumps out of the van with one shoe).

Well, we had to strip Abbi down and throw her and Jake in the front seat so I could clean up as much as I can. The van is at it's limit of people and stuff (mostly due to John's need to buy Guitar Hero while we are out there so we can drag this huge box back with us) therefore, Abbi's booster seat is currently on the side of Colorado Blvd somewhere covered in puke. There was no way we were fitting that disgusting thing back in the van so I could take it home to clean it all off. So if you know of anyone desperate for one used booster send them that direction...oh yeah, in case you need a slightly used Easter basket too...

We all get back in the van, short a booster seat, to try to make it home. We get a few yards down the road and we notice that the kids had dumped over John's fountain pop from the last stop, upside down into Abbi's Easter basket. The little vinyl basket was pooled with Diet Coke and the jelly beans and all the other candy in it. I am at my limit at this point, I instruct John to pull over, I open my door and I toss the basket.

Fun times!!