Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why is this so hard?

Names, people, I need names. Our (our? why do I say "our", I am the one having surgery, right? I mean, I know John has a hard time with blood and needles and all that, but let's face it--he's got it pretty easy for my c-section) C-section is scheduled for Sept.24, for now that is. . .

There is some confusion as to my actual due date (the 30th). Changing docs in the middle of a pregnancy is not a whole lot of fun. I really loved my doc in Longmont, I do like the one I have here, it's just weird changing doctors. Anyway, my cycle and my due date don't align. In CO they did an early U/S to get a really accurate date and it put me two weeks back (the 30th), remember? Now I am measuring exactly what the cycle date (15th) was--weird. And our last U/S had the baby right at the cycle date too. Well, she is going with the ultrasound date and hopefully I don't go into labor on my own before that.

The thing is. . . John and I can not think of any names we both like. He wants to use some weird ones and I am not going there. I do have some really amazing girl names I want to use. . . too bad. I want a name that "goes" with the other three but not old man-ish or dorky. Any ideas?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy Life

I was kind of waiting until I had pictures ready before I posted, but not having my own computer to use slows that down tremendously.

I bought school supplies with (and for) Abbi before we left town. It was actually pretty fun, she really cracks me up. She was so excited to do it and she had to get everything off the shelf and put it in the cart--I was not permitted to help.

We left town Wed the 22nd and the concert was on the 23rd (I think that's right). Amanda and I had so much fun!! Last time I went to Cheyenne Frontier Days it was all drunkards and crazy. This time it was all teenage girls and their parents. I understand her music is geared to that audience but I have to say that I love her music and really admire her talent. It was a lot of fun. When I told Abbi that I went to the "Juliet" concert (that's what she calls Taylor Swift because of her one song "Love Story") she was actually a little upset that she didn't get to go. One reason I like her music--I can listen to it in the car with my kids!! They actually know some of her songs.

We hung out the rest of the next week at my Mom's house. We went out on the boat, we visited Grandma at work and we visited some friends. It was nice to relax at Grandma's. Then cousins came into town also and we prepared for the Lake Powell trip.

The Lake was a lot of fun, it always is. I have to say it was a lot different with non family members there and about a bazillion kids under the age of 9. It wasn't quite as relaxing as usual, but still lots of fun. On the way back, the boat trailer blew a tire. Of course my dad wasn't there, he had just headed back up to Roy, UT straight from the lake. We got that taken care of and finally make it back to Longmont. I found out the next morning that the keys to my van were still in the glove box of my parent's car, you know, the one that my dad drove home with. Genius, Clara, genius. So after four hours and almost four hundred dollars...we were on our way home-to KS.

Abbi started school last Wed. She was so excited. We picked out her clothes and she got all ready, John made her pancakes (per her request), we took some pictures and off we went. The boys and I walked her in and we waited in the Gym for all the kids to arrive and sit in line with their class. ( We had actually gone the night before to the school's Sneak Peak where we saw her classroom and met her teacher) Then we walked with the class down to their room and we left her. She was fine, with me leaving her, that is. She was a little apprehensive in line at the gym but we walked down, she gave us all a hug and kiss and she was good. When I went to pick her up, well, she wasn't there. Her cousin had come and gotten her, so we waited for them to come back to her classroom. She told me that "it was so boring. We didn't even play with play-do. It was just so boring. We just sat and listened and walked around and sat some more-so boring, Mom." I have never heard the word boring so many times in one conversation. I tried to appease her by explaining that the teacher had to go through all of the rules and all that boring stuff on the first day, but it will be a lot more fun tomorrow. She would hear none of it, "You said it was going to be fun and it was boring."

You will be happy to know the next few days went a lot better. They didn't have to sit and listen to rules and regulations and procedures all day. They did get to play with play-do, thank goodness. She is having a good time, she says she is making friends in her class but she can't remember their names.

The summer was absolutely nuts but it has drawn to an end. My oldest has started Kindergarten and I survived. It's just a little saddening and weird to only have two kids at home all day. Jake starts Preschool this Wed, which leaves us with one-for the mornings anyway. John found a manager position with Best Buy, it's just that the position is in Manhattan, KS. About an hour drive. He stays down there at his Mother's for two to three days in a row to help save on gas. The raise is helpful , I just don't like being a single mom most of the time. Right now though, we will take what we can get.