Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Jacob gem...

We were rough-housing or wrestling (whichever you want to call it) the other day and I was laying on him, squishing him. He is laughing histarically then this comes out of his mouth....
Jake-"Get off me woman!"
Me- "What!"
Jake- "Get off of me you old woman!!"

Really? That kid may live on his own planet, but he is friggin' hilarious.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A match made in Heaven...

Isaac has an ear fettish. He loves ears, what can I say. He likes to touch them, rub them... especially when he's tired. It was designed in the pre-existence, I am sure, that Isaac was to have a baby brother with rather large, floppy, dumbo type ears. While Isaac loves ears, Ethan likes to cuddle. I have found that my newest baby likes to have someone/something touching his face while he sleeps. He is just a cuddle bug, which I love. God obviously has a plan. This is our daily nap-time arrangement, I lay down with my baby boys. Me, Ethan, then Isaac. Isaac reaches across the baby's head to my ear, then as he succombs to sleep, he moves to Ethan's adorable Dumbos.   In this picture Ethan (you know, you can see the binky under there) is fast asleep.

I had to snap a picture but, as you can guess, this is not the safest position for an infant.

Ethan doesn't agree! Apparently he likes his big brother's arm across his face while he sleeps. He can't sleep without it! This truly is a match made in heaven!

Friday, January 22, 2010

For you Mom

This is Ike with marker on his face.

This is Ike with princess shoes on.

And yes, this is Abbi and Jake in ballet leotards. (You'll notice Jake is in the one with a skirt. At least he looks slightly embarrassed!)

And this...this is just one cute baby!!!

More Princess Hair

We have been doing super cute do's from that awesome blog just about every day now. These are a few I got pictures of...

Friday, January 8, 2010

A four year old boy

Kids say the funniest things. I think that particularly the three and four year old range it really hits an all time high. Jake is my oldest son and he is full of hilarious things to say......

"I wear rockstar underwear because I am a rockstar"

"I want to be a prophet when I grow up"

J- "Mommy, don't you love me?"
Me- "Of course I do sweetie."
J-"Why would you ask me to go upstairs if you love me?"

"I am going to ask Santa for a flying saucer. That's what I want for Christmas, a flying saucer"

"Mom, my butt itches"

"Abbi, I could only like girl stuff if I was a girl but I can still play the Mommy"

(About Ethan) "Mommy, he is so cute because he has a little tiny head."

I hear a rumble from Jake's direction. Me-"Jake did you tute?"
Me-"What do you say?"
Jake-"Ike did it"

I swear everyday something new comes out of that kid's mouth, these are only a few I can remember. He is so weird. At least he keeps me laughing.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


The blog with the hairstyles is listed on the side my new section...Blogs to Enjoy. It's the one and only member of that far. Abbi wants to try the rose do for Sunday.

Princess Hair

So my mom sent me a link to this blog. It's a whole blog on hairstyles for little girls. I am so excited. Much to Abbi's dismay, I love doing her hair. She enjoys it to a certain extent. Not the extent that I do, it also makes matters worse that I am quite a perfectionist so doing it over and over til it's right does not appeal to her. Anyway, she is actually pretty excited to try out some of these "Princess" do's so here is the first....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010's over. All that build up, anticipation, and preparation and the 2009 Holiday Season is over. We had a good one. We were able, for the first time in our family's history, have our 'own' Christmas morning. We have our own space here in my mother in law's basement, so the kids woke up and we did our thing. Abbi was super excited to be Santa's helper and pass out the gifts. They were all pretty excited about the things they got (they are all incredibly spoiled) and even more excitement that their cousins were coming over later. We all had a really great Christmas and a good New Year too. I made John stay up (yes that's right, made him, he is such a stick in the mud) so I could get a New Year's kiss from my hubby for the first time in 6 years (the last couple of years my kiss has been from my children--still not too bad, just not the same).

Anyway, great holiday season. It's just always over so fast and here we are, 2010. I am so incredibly glad 2009 is over--I can't even put into words how much it pleases me that that cursed year is over. I have to say that my family has grown much from the plentiful trials we have had, I am just not at the point of being grateful for those trials....yet.

For the sake of prosperity, I will write down the goals I have for my family this year...
We have really done well with family scripture study and family prayer in the evening, so firstly, I want to have family prayer every day in the morning before everyone departs for the day. I would also like to make Family Home Evening a habit.  Of course, I would like to keep the moving to a minimum this year, and get in a better financial position, and maybe get into a home of our own again. As always, I would love for more patience to rain down on me from heaven, or maybe I should just count to ten.

Well, there you are....and here we go 2010!!!