Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last weekend started off to be terrible. I took the kids to the Tulip Festival in Wamego. Super fun!! Well, it would have been had my eldest child not brought her bad attitude. Abigail has the attitude of a 16 year old latlely but it wasn't even that really, it was the screaming stomping tantrums, you know--like a two year old. Like she can't decide if she wants to be a toddler or a teenager. I won't go into details but I was completely embarassed!! Here I am at a crowded festival by myself with four kids, three little boys happy and excited as can be, and one five year old screaming and yelling and crying and stomping here feet...on more than one occassion. I should have just left at the first melt down but I had promised the boys things if they could behave and they were...oh well, at least it was an outdoor festival.

The tantrums were new and bad for Abbi but I have witnessed much much worse from other children. I did still have a great time with the kids and so did the boys. Upon talking to John when I got home, he informed me that he had booked a hotel room for the night up in Topeka. A mini vaca...for me mostly. I spend too much time at home with the kids by myself. The kids loved swimming in the pool and going to dinner. The nexty day John had to go to work for a couple hours and I took the kids swimming again and when Daddy was back we went to breakfast and to see How To Train Your Dragon. All the kids had a blast and loved the movie. And the icing on the cake was the BBQ we had with their cousins in the evening. It was a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Girl

Abigail is loving soccer. The games got cancelled last week so she was dying to "win again". She scored like four goals or something like that. She is pretty aggressive out there and persistant. I want my children to be involved in sports or other team activities to teach them valuable need to do your best, it's ok to lose, be respectful if you win or lose, if you fall down get back up, the game doesn't wait for you, and have fun. Abbi is off to a great start and I am so glad she is enjoying it. She's also pretty psyched about getting a trophy, although I am not entirely sure they get one.

I do have one wonderful Princess. Abigail is amazing. Abbi's lists of attributes and favorite things is an interesting one. Abbi was walking at eight months and talking in sentences by the time she was one. She has always wanted to be up and running and doing things herself.  I forget she is only 5 sometimes. Abigail is very independent and wants to try everything. She is also very bossy. She knows the rules and she feels it is her responsibility to make sure all around her follow those rules, especially if she feels it's unfair or she benefits in some way. Abigail is on the Accelerated Reading program at school and she is writing well too. She has always loved reading. I have read to her almost every day since she was born. My dad was reading Tales of Depereaux once when we lived with them and Abbi wanted him to read to her, so, of course, he did. She sat and listened for an hour. Abigail also loves to 'discuss' things. She genuinely wants to know how everything works and why it works that way, and you better tell her the truth because she will remember how you answered her questions and she will ask me or Grandpa if it's true. She would ask her father, but she knows Daddy is more interested in making her laugh...she needs facts.

Abigail loves to play outside. She would spend all of her days completely outdoors if I let her. She asks me all year when the annual camping trip to Lake Powell is coming. She is a fearless warrior. There aren't many things that scare her, really scare her. She petted and held a six foot albino python when she was four, she likes tubing (snow and water), she went to her baby cousins viewing before the casket was closed, also at the age of four. She was sad her cousin's spirit was gone but re-informed us that Shelby was with her Father in Heaven. Abigail likes to rough-house and play karate and superheroes with her brother. She also loves Barbies and princess movies. She likes to have many pairs of shoes, and too many dresses. She also likes to have her hair and nails done. Abbi also loves to sing. She makes up songs about everything and I mean everything from dinosaurs to barbies, to what she likes to do, to her brothers and everything else. She has done dance since she was three and she loves it. Her newfound love-soccer. I think these two sports of choice fit her well. Two contrasting sides of one astounding whole.

I have one amazing daughter. If I am destined to have just one, that's OK. I am incredibly blessed to be the mother of one smart, independent, brave, kind, well-rounded, beautiful little girl.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boys will be boys...

I have four kids...the thing is....three of them are boys!! Jake, the oldest, is so many different things. He is, first of all, a boy. Climbs on EVERYTHING, can't stop himself from bouncing the basketball in the house (or jumping on the couch), likes all things cars or superheroes, and loves to play outside. Jake is also incredibly sweet. He will stop playing and come all the way inside to where I am just to say "Mom, I love you" and give me a kiss. Jake is also very kind to his sister. I can't count the times when I have seen this four year old humor his older sister and watch the umpteenth princess movie, or agree to play princess with her (although he insists on being named Spiderman or something similar in these games), he has also, on occasion, offered to fold her clothes or do her chore. Jacob can be very sensitive at times, his emotions are pretty close to the surface a lot of the time. Jake also says the funniest things. Everyday something comes out of that kid's mouth that just cracks me up. Jacob is my handsome little man.                                                                    Second, we have Isaac. Ike is a quintessential two year old. He gets mad when you take something from him, don't give him his way, or even when someone has something he wants. He is a stinker!! He took half the bread from the sacrament tray today and shoved it in his mouth before I could stop him. He then proceeded to dump two of the little cups of the sacrament water down the front of my dress...not his cup. He drank his cup and then thought it would be fun to stick his fingers in two more while the tray was in front of him and pull. A simple plan really and pretty him. Isaac loves his older brother and sister, he just doesn't want them to get close to him...or help him....or touch him in any way.....or look at him.....or look at the toy he has. Ikey adores all babies. At 18 mos, when Ethan was born, Ike would sit and 'hold' him in his lap for ever. If you want Isaac to calm down or sit still, just offer him a baby. If I want him to sleep, I offer him my ear....he has a fettish. He likes to play with ears, especially when he is tired, and it puts him right to sleep. My Isaac looks more like one of my sister in laws kids than one of my own, but he is quite a Momma's Boy.

Then along came Ethan. My baby boy is adorable!! With dumbo ears and chunky cheeks, his whole face lights up when he smiles. He thinks Grandma Kathi's dogs are hilarious and he finds my hair fascinating. Ethan started sleeping through the night at two weeks and now sleeps a full 11 hours every night but he thinks cat naps will do the job through out the day. Goofan is enchanted by Abbi but isn't too sure about Jake, and tolerates all of Isaac's kisses and pets. Ethan loves the bouncers that we have, and he is sitting up unsupported. He makes himself fall over by reaching too far for things and absolutely hates being on his stomach. We'll see how long it takes him to figure out another method to get what he wants.  Ethan is my chunky baby and I don't think that he even knows who John is.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Easter was pretty fun this year. It was General Conference this year too. For the first time in a long time I actually listened to all four sessions. 'Tried to' might be a better My sister in law, Jennifer, and her family came over and we forced all 76 kids to watch conference. We had a yummy lunch and then an Easter Egg Hunt. We don't do the Easter Bunny at our house, we just don't. We always do an egg hunt with extended family and friends so the bunny just never came up. Jake doesn't even know who or what it is and Abbi just doesn't care I suppose. This lack of Hare-ness means that the egg hunt is all the festivities my kids get for Easter and they really love it. Isaac thought it was absolutely amazing fun and would not take his hands off his basket to save his life. Jake lives on his own planet so he still needed some assistance and Abbi was just upset she didn't find the most eggs. Anyway, then we watched the second  session of conference and had some friends over for a scrumptious dinner. Over all a successful holiday and conference was great, of course.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A few things

So Abbi had her first soccer game last night. She did so great! I am really proud of her...she played hard and didn't give up, and she even scored a goal. They don't actually keep score, but if you ask her "We won!!" will be her reply. I think her team actually did win. She did awesome and she is having a blast. Of course, I forgot my camera, so I will take pictures next week.

AND......the move to the Taj Mahal will be sooner than we thought. Our renter's last lease was up in January and we had verbally agreed on a new lease ending June 30, but we never got around to having him sign anything. We were planning on letting him stay until the end of June as per our 'agreement' but he emailed John today. Apparently, he was laid off. I feel really terrible for him, we know what it is like to lose a job. Terrible. BUT, that means that he is out April 30th and we are free to move in. We will start moving stuff once he's out I think. Abbi's last day of Kindergarten is May 14th and that is exactly when we will move once and for all. I am psyched!! The count down has begun