Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our trip to UT actually started with a boating trip. The kids and I pulled into town on a Saturday. My parents had taken Aaron, his family, and some friends to Willard Bay to boat so we were just going to meet them there. I am lucky we made it....

Apparently, the Utah Department of Transportation believes that there must be much road construction on I-15 at all times. Traffic was terrible !! On a Saturday!!! So I am headed up to Willard with my trusty GPS (I had never been there, it's actually not hard) and traffic comes to a stop. We sat there FOREVER. The kids have been in the car all day for two days and we are all so ready to see Grandma and Grandpa. So I decide, since the GPS has just told me that the exit is in .2 mile, that I will follow the van in front of me and go onto the shoulder up to the exit that was surely just out of reach.

 "This was such a bad decision," is all I can think and say as we continue for a mile and a half down the shoulder. Then, "Oh. My. Gosh. Please no, please no, " starts to escape my lips rather loudly as we pass a cop. Granted he was in the median, on the other side of stand still traffic, but you never know. Then those same words "Please No!! Please NO!!" come even more frequently, and loudly, as the brilliant mini van in front of me pulls over onto the newly developed shoulder of the off ramp with a flat tire.

Stressed I was. I have never done that before and I will NEVER do that again. How blessed I was not to suffer a major ticket or a flat tire. Both of which I surely deserved due to my total lapse in judgement. Don't worry though I did get a parking ticket picking Abbi up the second day of school!!! I guess I had it coming.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

More UT

My parents live in Harrisville (north of Ogden) and my mother actually works down at the U. It's quite the commute and they pay for her to have a pass on the commute train. Since the second my kids found out that Grandma gets to ride a TRAIN to work, they have been dying to go for a ride.

One special day, with aunt, uncle and some cousins in tow, we rode the train. Grandma had the afternoon off so we were going take the train down and meet her down town Salt Lake. We woke up, got everyone dressed and ready and made it to the train station. The kids were so excited!!

The train ride was about an hour and the kids all loved looking out the window. They also found it kind of cool that the train would make stops and you didn't have to get off, you kept riding until you got to the right stop. Weird. Anyway, we made it to the downtown station. It was hot so, naturally, we decided to walk the couple blocks to the Gateway. I do love to shop!! Grandma met us there and we shopped, ate lunch, and shopped some more. FUN TIMES.

The purpose of meeting Grandma down town was to take the kids to Temple Square. So after the shopping at the outdoor mall, we walked to our destination (remember...it was hot and all persons two and up walked). They were troopers and we finally made it. After we drank enough water (from the courtesy drinking fountain) to float a whale, the kids thought it would be a good idea to try their hardest to get into one of the real water fountains. I, of course, disagreed. After that struggle, we were able to go into the tabernacle, walk around the grounds, and enjoy the temple.

As much fun as the walk was on the way there, we opted to take the bus back to the train station. Good idea, everyone was exhausted. A bus and a train all on the same day-madness!! It was a long hot day, but the kids enjoyed their train ride (bus ride too) and we all had a great time (and found some good deals!). The kids thought Temple Square was "pretty", "nice", "quiet" , and A said she was going to get married in the Salt Lake Temple because it looks the most like a castle. Logical really given her princess status. I was hot and tired and stressed trying to keep kids safe and hydrated and respectful while we were there, but it was wonderful to take my children somewhere they could appreciate the history of the church, and hopefully, between reprimands, the spirit.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to my 6 year old!!

Can you believe it!?! I can't really. Today is her birthday, but she chose to have her party in UT with her "other" cousins. We went to Hill Air Museum early in the day, then we went to dinner at Chiles (her choice), and we went to see Despicable Me. Grandma and Grandpa, Manda and Terron and their kids, and the kids and I all went to dinner and movie. We met back up with Aaron and his family at Grandma's house for ice cream cake and presents.

The Air Force Museum was fun (and free!). The kids thought all of the manikins in uniforms were cool, A had like 20 favorites. They have two huge rooms full of planes, choppers and bombs and things, then the huge yard with more planes. The kids got to go into the back of one of them. I turned my back on I for a second (bad idea, I should know by now) and he was on the other side of the rope pushing all the buttons on one of the cockpit sections they had sitting there. This lady was standing there telling her kid that he couldn't cross the rope, and it doesn't matter what that kid was doing....then it hit me..."where's my toddler?" Fun stuff. Anyway, Jake found the whole thing absolutely fascinating. They even had this kids room there where kids could play simulators and dress up and get into a cockpit and play. It was a pretty fun time and after all of the walking the kids were ready for a good nap before the big night ahead.

Dressed in her birthday shirt we were off...Chiles is always good and we all loved the movie, it's really funny with a cute message. J giggled for a solid 90 minutes while he watched the minions fight and be silly, then he got up at the end and started shaking his stuff in the aisle. A picked a chocolate mint ice cream cake (which we drove 20 miles for the night before) and she is incredibly spoiled...as usual. I had brought a box of clothes and shoes with us to give to her and we got her other presents while we were out there. I should have gotten wrapping paper. I don't just carry spare wrapping paper in my van and with my parents move their supply was sad. It was slightly amusing that her gifts were all wrapped in wedding and Christmas bags that I could scrounge up at Grandmas. We are so glad to have had a wonderful time with our excellent relatives. She was so excited that Cousin Lin and the other Loves would be at her party.
A is such an amazing girl. She is now loving school and her teacher. I brought the birthday treat into her class yesterday and she thought that was pretty fun. She insisted on searching the school grounds after the bell for a "teacher" that she promised an ice cream sandwich to. It took us a while considering she doesn't know this teacher's name or where in the school she worked. We finally found the "teacher" who turned out to be the counselor in the office. A is getting bigger every day and I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this concept. I love her so much and while it's so fun to see her grow and learn new things, I really wish she would stay little and (mostly) innocent forever.

PS Thank you to my wonderful MIL. Grandma Kathi came up today to take A out for the afternoon. She was so excited for her surprise and had such a great time. G-ma asked A what she wanted for lunch and she promptly replied, "Chinese". She's a funny girl. They went to lunch and a movie and I know that it made A's day so special. Thanks again Kathi!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I have slept in my own bed, taken my dog out to do her business, cooked an actual meal in a kitchen (much less my own kitchen), dusted my living room and it's been a while since I have posted anything. All this is because we just got back from a month-long, multi-state road trip. The kids and I left for UT on July 16th and boy did we stay busy. We did so many different things out there...and then did even more when John joined us out there August 5th.

I will be posting pictures and accompanying stories but today the big news is that we have a first grader in our home!! We drove into town just in time to make it to A's school for their sneek peak on Monday evening. We dropped off  her supplies and met her teacher and saw her classroom. She even picked a desk (at the very front of the class). That night we got things together for her big day, her daddy gave her a blessing and she picked out her "first day" outfit. Then she cried. My poor little princess was very distraught. At first (when she is supposed to be in bed asleep, of course) she was just complaining that she was scared...we tried to calm her fears and reassure her and then sent her back to bed. Later, we heard her crying upstairs. I know that she was definitely hamming it up a bit...no doubt...but I do feel for the poor thing. If you count her preschools, she has been to four different schools...making this one the fifth. She was scared that she wouldn't know anyone-again, that she would have to make new friends-again, and that it was a new place all together-again. Who could blame a five year old for being upset about that? OH, how our hearts were aching for her. She calmed down and finally fell asleep.

Her first day of first grade...the alarm didn't go off. She was sleepy considering her late night. I apparently sprayed hair spray on her pancakes and she didn't finish them. She wouldn't stay put at the classroom when I walked her in to drop her off and cried when they got up to go into the classroom. She didn't sit at the desk she picked out the night before...she sat in the corner ( I am not sure why that is). Let's just say that it wasn't  the best of mornings for her, she did look awfully cute though...
Despite her terrible morning...you'll be happy to know, she was all smiles when Jake and I went to pick her up. She said she had a "really fun" day. She likes her teacher and her classmates. Best of all...no tears this morning!!