Thursday, September 30, 2010

He's One!!

I cannot believe it!! My baby is one!!! E celebrated with a second bath...
We had family over the following Sunday for dinner, cake and ice cream, and presents. We had a wonderful time having John's side of the family over to celebrate our sweet little boy. We had a wonderful dinner, the kids played and the cake was good. A and J decorated the cupcakes for the occasion. And, although we no longer have a sprinkles left, they were delicious. Birthday Boy wasn't really too sure about what to do with the cake at first, but he got into it. All of the siblings and cousins were super excited about all the wrapped packages, E, on the other hand, was really mad that I wouldn't let him escape me. His first opened gift was a bouncy ball that lights up from his Grandma Kathi, he got a hold of it and just sat there with it. He was pretty much content with the ball. He got some really great toys: an activity table, a ride-on fire truck, a baby laptop, peek-a-boo blocks, a remote control car and a super soft stuffed animal blanket among other things. It was a great evening! Hopefully his Daddy can be there for the next one, we missed you babe.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Even more UT

We did so many things in UT, I am trying to remember them all. After the birthday and the train, we went to Lake Powell for a week. Well, it was almost a week...we had to cut the annual camping/boating trip a little short this year. My Grandma turned 90 this year and we had to have a party to celebrate. My wonderful cousin organized the first family reunion for Grandma's kids and their families. We went to Willard Bay again (I did not drive like a maniac to get there this time) and had pictures and dinner the night before.  We went boating and tubing and had a blast!! It was really great to see that side of the family, it was kind of nice that John finally got to meet most of them too.

After John came out, we decided to head to ID and go to Yellowstone. Oh yeah, my sister and her husband live in Rexburg so that was an added perk! We went to some fun places in Rexburg (hello gourmet cupcakes and hot chocolate, Porters is my all time favorite store... ever, and a couple really fun places to eat) and then headed to Yellowstone.  It was amazing! We saw buffalo and deer and elk. No bears...Jess was disappointed. I didn't realize that there are so many geysers there and they are all so different and cool. J called the Paint Pots "Gooey Geysers". There were seemingly dry ones that roared and steamed. There is a whole lake (Fire Lake - I think) of water that sizzles. There are stops where you get out and walk on a wooden path through mazes of steaming holes and boiling water and shooting water spouts. The falls and streams and pools of water make amazing colors on the rock and ground, and the water is crystal clear.

The day we went turned out to be pretty cold. It started just a little chilly and by the time we made it to Old Faithful it was downright cold. John even talked of calling it quits and watching it from the windows in the big lodge they have. I was not having that. We got outrageously over priced sweatshirts from the gift shop and made it in time to get front and center seats.Then we waited. John got us hot chocolate, and we waited. went. It was pretty darn cool. Because it was so cold you could see all the steam and that made for a neat effect. When we drove back after Old Faithful, you could see countless spirals of steam out in the distance that you wouldn't on a warmer day. Such a cool experience!!
The cute restaurant we ate at right before going into the park.
The awesome buffalo that was taking a stroll down the side of the road. Later we saw one jog across the road. The kids thought that was silly, more silly were the 'jokes' they came up with about it.
Jess, A and J next to a gooey geyser.
crystal clear water
Muddy ones (Paint Pots)
Us in front of the Paint Pots
You can see Jess and the two older kids walking in the sulfur smelling steam.
Cool colors and patterns on the ground under the water's surface
(Most of) Us in front of Fire Lake (on the bridge over it actually...the kids LOVED that)
Nice and warm in their newly acquired apparel. They look happy don't they? It was COLD.
Old Faithful
Hoodies are not a good look for me- unfortunate...the man and I in front of the end of Old Faithful

P.S. I will have to get pictures from my Mother from the aforementioned activities. We also went to Antelope Island when we first arrived in UT. The kids were highly disappointed they didn't see any antelope. They enjoyed the drive "on the water" to get there and the visitors center with all the cool stuff and pictures in it. There were spider webs and their owners all over the windows and building...the kids thought that was equally amazing and creepy. They were super excited to see a buffalo taking a rest on a hillside. Then A could not stop worrying about that buffalo because he wasn't with his herd. Oh. My. Gosh. It would be nice if she could show the same concern for her brother J as she did that buffalo. That experience made the few close encounters with buffalo at Yellowstone a very exciting time for them.

Monday, September 6, 2010

About that toe...

On Thursday, J was trying to sit at the table. Innocent enough right? The problem arose when he didn't quite make it onto the bench at the table. Instead, he knocked it over right onto the big toe on his left foot. OUCH!!
His poor toe was immediately black and purple and swollen. There was actually a cut in the skin below the nail too and it was bleeding all over the place. I realized it was pretty bad when I noticed the blood all over his foot and the floor. I set him on the counter to inspect and clean, he noticed the blood and his crying turned into complete hysterics.  
It looked pretty bad but I was pretty sure the doc wouldn't do much for a smashed toe. (Not to mention the fact that his new insurance didn't pick up for another two days) We sat on the couch for two hours with crying and going back and forth with the ice: "It's too cold."-take the ice off, and, "Mom, it hurts."-put the ice back on. On Friday, it was still bleeding and Mommy got pretty concerned. Sooo, for the first time in our family,  Urgent Care here we come. 
It turns out that Jake hit his toe harder than anyone thought. He had a temperature and they were concerned about infection under the nail. There was a bunch of blood and fluid built up under neath it. They cauterized eight holes through his nail so the fluid could drain. The cut in his toe went down to the nail underneath. It wasn't deep enough for stitches but they cut back the skin for a clean wound. They took x-rays and his poor toe is broken. In two places!! He has to keep it in the splint until we hear more. One break is down at the growth plate and  the urgent care doc was concerned about it healing correctly. The radiologist person will take a look and either confirm or deny what the doc saw and we should hear back this week. If it is what the doc thought, we have to see an orthopedic specialist and possibly go through a re-break or surgery so his toe will heal and grow correctly.
A few funny things...A) the doc was highly impressed with J's pain tolerance, that's actually what lead to the splint. She was concerned he would injure it further with his lack of attention to it. B) When they gave him "shots" to numb the toe, I laid him down on the table and gave him my phone to play a game. He picked one that records like ten seconds of sound and plays it back in a squeaky cat voice. He noticed he was laying down and everyone was holding him down. He's no dummy. He started yelling, "Don't hold me down. I don't want shots Mom. I don't want you to hold me down." Then it was all played back in a high squeaky cat was all of the yelling and crying and shrieking. It was hard to see my son so unhappy, but kind of amusing to have all of his screaming played back in such a way. He was even smiling at it occasionally.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Look what I found...

I found this the other day as I walked into the dining room.

I found this in my bed the other night as I was trying to get in it.

I (it was really John in this case) found these shudders in the shed while cleaning it out a few weeks ago. I am super excited about them. I know with some work they would be so cute back on some of the windows in the house.

I found this boy hanging out in my backyard, on my playhouse.

I found that I CAN cook fish and it didn't taste half bad. Oh, and the kids even liked it.

And I found out today (after much crying, blood, anesthetics (aka shots), cauterizing, x-rays, and three and a half hours at urgent care) that a smashed toe is not always JUST a smashed toe.