Friday, December 10, 2010

The big day

Well, my big day has come and gone. I am another year older. Not really, I decided I am just going back to 25...and staying there. I always kind of get my hopes up that my b-day is going to be some awesome happening for some reason or another, and it never is. It's really no big deal...just another day. I momentarily forget, I guess, that another year's passing might not be something I want to celebrate. I am not was a fine day and I got so many wonderful well wishes that were very much appreciated. I also just have to mention that my birthday and my birthday eve were spent being completely pampered by my five year old. He was so sweet getting me drinks and a blanket every time I sat down. He gave me so many hugs and kisses and he even 'cleaned' the kitchen for me. He is such an incredibly sweet boy.

The other happenings in our life right now...
E has decided to walk!!! He just decided to start walking everywhere. It's a little sad that he is getting bigger, but so great that he is happier and can be a little more independent (if you know him, you know this is a problem).

I is saying the most hilarious things. He told me the other day that his eyes were cold and that's why he needed to wear his sister's pink sunglasses. Every time he wants a candy or a treat he makes this pained face and says, "my tummy hurts." I don't know where he got the idea that he gets candy when he has an upset stomach. If that doesn't work, he takes to begging-"peez, peez".  A asked him the other day if he needed more juice and he said, "No, Ayi. I good. I good."  The two older kids just started talking and there was not really a period of cute toddler talk. I does it and it is so stinking adorable.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I thought I would post pictures of a few of the projects I mentioned.
This is the gift for A's teacher. I found this christmas tree jar at a thrift store, I got some glass ornaments and decorated them with some silver vinyl snowflakes I already had and red glitter on the inside. We put the ornaments and the candy in the jar and added a bow and a card. A was super excited and she loved helping. I think it turned out pretty cute and it cost less than $11 (with the candy being the most expensive thing, by far).

Every year the kids get to open a gift, of Mommy's choosing, on Christmas Eve after dinner. Guess what it is EVERY PJ's, of course. They love getting a gift early and I love that they look so cute in their new PJs Christmas morning. This year I decided to make them....





The rest of the projects are going to have to wait for their blogging debut because they are gifts for people who actually check the blog. I hope everyone is enjoying the Season...we are!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


We haven't been up to much lately. Thanksgiving is over and we are getting ready to welcome in the Christmas season.

I did up getting to do some Black Friday shopping...I think it should be a national holiday. It was fun times, definitely. We got our Christmas tree and lights and all that put up. We only had two casualties with the ornaments...not bad with four small children.

I am also working on/ finished with some holiday projects and gifts that I am super excited about. I really would like to post pictures but that would kind of ruin the gift part for a few of the readers. The kids' Christmas PJs should be done in the next day or two and I will post pics when they are.

Oooohhhh, and I have to say what a wonderful birthday I have had ....and it's not even here yet!!
Exhibit A
My wonderful MIL and SIL noticed that I was loving this coat while we were out for a bit on Thanksgiving. Yay, for early birthday gifts!!

Exhibit B.
I don't actually have a picture but John came home the other day with a new Kodak printer. I am so excited to still do all the cool stuff I already can, plus print awesome pictures at home, plus not pay $70+ bucks when we need new ink!

Aaaand, I got some packages from my mother but she made me promise to wait until the actual day!