Friday, April 29, 2011


Easter this year started the weekend before at the Easter Activity at church. There was a wonderful program, good food and the kids got to put together a nice Easter FHE activity. We did that scripture activity for FHE on Monday. The "festivities" were pretty low key. On the 23rd, we stayed home all day except for a nice egg hunt with the neighbors. We also dyed eggs that night...

(E was pretty upset that he wasn't allowed to 'help' after he dumped an entire bowl of dye all over himself and the table)

Sunday morning the kids got up and got to find their baskets. That was a new thing at our house and they thought it was a pretty fun time.
My Mom's package also came on Saturday. Just in the nick of time for the kids to look adorable on Easter Sunday...

We hung out at the house and enjoyed a quick visit from Grandma Kathi, Aunt Jordan, Uncle Blake and Rori. Then we had our first Easter dinner at home.
(I made ham, au gratin potatoes and kid's choice of vegetable...corn on the cob. Not very fancy but it was yummy and nice to have our own holiday dinner)

After dinner, we made resurrection rolls. The kids really enjoyed making them and seeing the "trick" at the end. I think that we will do them again. Then the Easter scripture chase again and kids in bed.

For our first major holiday at home as a family, it was a success. Daddy didn't work so he was able to come to church and spend time with us. I am so grateful for my family and, of course, the opportunity to celebrate the resurrection of my Savior.

Friday, April 22, 2011


On certain Fridays I help my friend Katie with selling snacks for the PTO after school. I usually have the boys with me and A comes up front and meets us when her class lets out. Today was no different...J was being wild and crazy, Ike was being three and E just throws a fit for more fruit snacks the whole time. I am beginning to question what kind of "help" I actually am.

After we finished up, we let the kids play on the playground. The two little boys spent most of the time on the slide...fighting.
And we have a closer look...
When we first made it outside, all the boys immediately found the puddle of rain water at the bottom of the slides. Apparently, Ike's pants couldn't take the weight of the water. He really didn't mind though.

 E spent the other half of his time sitting in the mud or laying on the ground trying to lick up the water puddles. He was covered in mud and I have no idea what he is going to catch from all that puddle water, but he enjoyed himself. 

J made some new friends and they played Superheroes the entire time. He did actually "save E's life". J caught the baby boy right as he fell off the monkey bars...way to go Big Bro!
And A spent her time running around with her sweet friend...such a contrast from those crazy boys.

The kids had fun playing, and I love being able to sit and chat with a friend. Thanks Katie and Rachel for a nice afternoon at the playground! (and the post idea)!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

What a Sight

I wore a white shirt today. A white shirt that is cute and still fits for the moment, but it's WHITE. I don't like white shirts. Scratch that, I do like white...nice, fresh, clean, and bleach works wonders. The problem arises when I have the shirt on for a total of five minutes and it's already dirty. I, apparently, am a slob. After 30 minutes, the original color of the shirt is a distant memory.

I looked in the mirror this evening and saw a shirt that I remember as being white when I put it on, but is no longer. I saw that I have mascara, juice, smeared muffin, boogers, chocolate, dirt, mac and cheese, ketchup, blood, something sticky, grease, marker, a sticker, some dinner, and drool that was some odd color on my shirt (my pants too). I stood in front of that mirror feeling a little embarrassed I went throughout the day like this and my dear husband has to come home to such a sight. I stood there wishing my face wasn't expanding along with my waistline, that my skin was clearer, that my hair would cooperate, that my tummy would start to look more pregnant instead of just fat at this point, that I really need a tan and some sleep, that I had bought more stain remover, and that I had known I looked such a wreck.

My hairdryer on the wall reminded me that my hair was done this morning, but I laid down with A for a nap.  Then I remembered that I have mascara on my shirt because I dropped the little wand mid-stroke as I heard a LOUD crash this morning, followed by screaming and crying. I have blood on my shirt from comforting my daughter as her brother had just climbed on, and ultimately pulled over on top of her, her tall desk. I have juice on me because, along with the aforementioned crisis, I was trying to bake bread, feed and clothe four children and myself in an hour so we could get where we needed to be this morning. Ketchup and mac-and-cheese because a lovey three year old has to give me kisses 379 times during lunch alone, marker and a sticker because my five year old just had to have my help while he made a picture, dinner mostly because cooking just gets a little messy with everything else going on and a belly that touches the stove (already!), and pink-ish orange drool because the happy and adorable E just adores starburst candy and cuddling on my shoulder. And the list could go on.

There is evidence on my shirt of what my day has played out to be...a day like any other around here. Evidence that I have one rambunctious five year old, a sweet toddler, a baby with a bit of a cold and teeth coming in, a daughter that will be upset with her brother for a while, and that I am in the process of growing another precious girl. Evidence that I am a mom. Someday I will be able to stand in front of the mirror at the end of the day with a shirt that is still white and I will wish that it wasn't.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Glimpse

This week and last I have been watching my niece. It has been really interesting for me actually. I have been carting around and caring for 5 children the last two weeks (basically). Short of the fact that Aurora and E are almost the same age, that is what my life will be like in a few months. Of course, having a newborn is a lot different than a 15 month old, but our new one won't stay tiny forever and this life of 5 kids is fast approaching.

In other news... we found out today that John got a promotion at work. We are both very excited for this change and we are incredibly grateful for this blessing. This good news means a raise and, hopefully soon, not so many hours at work for John. He has been working so much in the last couple years that the kids, especially A in school, don't see him much at all and I am usually asleep when he finally gets home most nights. I am really hoping it won't be much longer before he can attend church with us again too. Sacrament meeting with 4, soon to be 5, little kids is really not that much fun. Again, we feel incredibly blessed by our Father in Heaven and we are so excited for the positive changes this should bring to our family.