Saturday, July 30, 2011

J's News

The reason the kids got their medals and treat on the second to last game was because of my son...J was having surgery the day before the last game was scheduled.  The only other exciting thing that happened around here this summer was J's tonsillectomy. That's right, the boy is now missing body parts. The poor kid has snored since he was 18 months or so and has always had HUGE tonsils. After noticing that he rouses at night and doesn't seem to get a deep sleep very often, we opted to have them removed to see if that helps his sleeping at night.
 Here he is all ready to go in the morning with Ruff Ruff (the mangy stuffed dog).
 He is all decked out and watching cartoons before they take him back and start.
This is him right afterwards in the recovery room. He was so sad and miserable. He was put to sleep for the procedure and was given much drugs through the IV. When he started to wake, he was very uncomfortable and fussy for a bit and then fell asleep. We sat in the recovery room for another hour or so while he slept, drank some fluids and had his first dose of the painkillers that we would have at home. He got to ride out front to the car in a wheel chair and we were of to the store to get his prescription. He was complaining that his tummy was feeling bad but we made it to the pharmacy and the drive thru for a milkshake and then home without incident. He took a nap and spent most of the rest of the day trying to screw around and not sit still and rest. That definitely caught up with him later that night. Besides having to wake him a number of times for his meds, he woke MANY times very upset and needed to drink a bit and calm down before sleep came again. He also awoke to vomit much blood. Yuck. The next couple days he sat around and did nothing like a good little patient and the nights continued to be miserable for him. We actually slept downstairs so not to wake the rest of the fam. After about seven days or so he stopped waking at night. And now almost two weeks later, he is his normal rambunctious self.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer 2011

This summer has been extremely uneventful. We usually have swim lessons and a fun Fourth, then we head to UT to visit Grandma and Grandpa. In UT we do all kinds of fun stuff and eventually head down to Lake Powell to camp and boat for a week. This summer...not so much. This baby just doesn't have great timing.

Therefore, this summer we haven't done anything really. We have made it to the zoo a couple times, the pool a bunch of times, the cupcake shop, Grandma Kathi's, hung out with cousins and friends, and that is about it really. Mommy has done a lot of sewing and crafting, the kids played in the backyard, Daddy's store opened, and A and J actually got to stay at Grandma Kathi's for a few days on their own.

There have been a few new things...the two older kiddos did T-ball this summer. From the very first practice, the coaches were very impressed with A's athletic ability. J was not diggin' it at first but by the end, he was really enjoying "hitting the ball hard"...which he did very well. A enjoyed the sport the whole time and really loved that she learned to throw the ball well, play first base a bunch and run faster than all the other kids. It really was a fun time watching all these 4-6 year old kids trying to hit the ball and run in the right direction, or miss the "grounder" and all run after it like a herd of cattle, or fight over the ball so they can throw it to first.

They were super psyched to get medals and popsicles at their last game. Well, it turned out to be at the second to last game, but that's for the next post.... 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Swimming Lessons

At the beginning of the summer, A, J and I all did swim lessons. A and J did them last year and they both LOVE the water. I was a little worried about the third child. He seemed a little nervous the first day but, after that, he did great. It turns out, he loves the water too.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


After church today, my wonderful sister in law was kind enough to document my pregnancy for me. We took my fancy camera and just messed around in her yard. I noticed that most of the simple editing I have done in the last two hours was not saved. Grrrr. And I have decided that I like the pictures without my round face in them!! Here are some of my faves...