Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Princess #1

While I was in the hospital with Baby S, John took our eldest and seven of her little friends to celebrate her birthday! Due to the timing of everything this year, we decided to go ahead and dish out the cash for her to have a birthday party somewhere. She picked the Discovery Center here in town (it's a children's museum of sorts where they get to play and try all the exhibits and displays). Apparently, it was a great success. All her friends came, Daddy survived, the cake and pizza were good and she got everything her little heart desired. I am so sad I couldn't be there but I am grateful she had some time with her Dad. Oh, and a big thank you to the other adults that helped John out.
I did come home from the hospital later that day (Sat the 20th) and on Sunday we had family over for cake and ice cream. Aunt JJ made her a cake...she wanted a puppy cake.
Thanks J!! She was spoiled some more! There was a new bike, a guitar, Littlest Pet Shop Toys, a book or two...spoiled. She was very upset when Ike blew out her candles for her and we were all a little worried when Daddy decided to trip down the stairs and sprain his ankle.  Anyway, despite one of the CRAZIEST weeks of our lives, I think she had a successful birthday.

A note to my daughter:
Abigail, you are one amazing girl. I remembering being so excited when I found out you were going to be a girl. My pregnancy and delivery with you were so smooth and you were such a good little baby. You were a little colicky for a little bit there but nothing some gas drops didn't relieve. You didn't stay a baby very long at all though. That is true for all babies, but it's magnified when you were walking at eight months and talking not long after that. You always wanted to be looking around and standing up and being involved. You are still that way. I am so proud of you. You do so well in school and I hope that you can continue to apply yourself there and enjoy the opportunity you have to expand your mind. You are a wonderful big sister and I am so grateful for all of your help. I want you to remember that you are just a kid though. Growing up seems like so much fun, and parts of it are, but you will be a grown up for the rest of your life...enjoy being a kid while you can. You are a very strong, opinionated person. Those traits will serve you well if you increase your knowledge and remember to be kind and Christ-like in your dealings with those around you. There is so much in store for you and I love watching you grow and learn and change. You are a daughter of God and therefore have divine potential. God made you the way you are and I pray that your father and I can do our best to teach you and guide you in the way Heavenly Father would like. We are not perfect but we love you and we are doing what is best for you. Remember that we are always here for you.