Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Crazy Continues

I never expected I would get appendicitis...but I did. A few weeks ago, I did. I went to the ER one morning with incredible pain in my side and left the hospital the next evening without an appendix. Fun times. Also in September, our little E-Man turned 2!! He is so adorable! He loves candy and throws massive tantrums. Like throw yourself on the floor and kick and scream kind of tantrums. E-man loves everything soft, including the cat...poor feline. This little guy has had a really rough time since baby girl came along but he adores her. I love that he is still baby chubby and has whispy baby hair that curls when it's wet. I love how he has to carry around every single toy car that we own...everywhere that he goes. I love him so much and I can not believe that he is already 2!

All of the in-laws came over for dinner and cake and ice cream. E-Town loved the cake and ice cream and all of his great gifts...aircraft carrier, lantern, car holder, stickers for his wall, Lightening McQueen, and a little laptop. Thanks everyone!! Happy (late) Birthday E-Man!!