Monday, December 5, 2011

Big Man J

Well, we had yet another birthday recently. Due to yet another hospital stay for me, we paid to have his party somewhere to make John's life a little easier. He decided on a place here in town called Going Bonkers. It's an indoor playground with an arcade. He invited three friends, some cousins, a brother and a sister. I think that they all had a great time. J is really into super heroes right now, namely Thor and Captain America (notice the birthday shirt request), he was given a Captain America shield, Thor's hammer, Captain and Thor action figures (DO NOT call them dolls...he gets mad), a football jersey, a Spiderman shirt and car, and Grandma and Grandpa Love sent him some "cash" to pick out another toy, and Grandma Kathi got him some Angry Birds and a game to match. He was really excited for everything. When his actual birthday rolled around we had to cheer him up a bit because apparently it was "the boring-est birthday ever". Oh, how quickly the 6 year old forgets the big party six days earlier.

J is the sweetest kid. After his party, he promptly gave each of his brothers and sister one of the gifts he got...with the condition that he can play with it when he wants. He really is so kind to his siblings and tolerant of his little brother Ike that loves nothing more than to push his buttons, and of his older sister who constantly bosses him around. J is also a very smart child. He does great in school...when he can keep his bottom in the chair. He is reading and is so proud that he can count "so high". I love this little boy with all my heart and I am so grateful that his wonderful spirit was sent to our family. I pray everyday that John and I can be the parents that he needs. That he can learn to love the Savior and the people around him. That he can develop a desire to serve not only his fellow man but the Lord as well. To be kind and respectful, to learn and be humble. I am so grateful for all of my children and I know that J is a great example to all of his siblings. Love you Bud!!