Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012


Mr. Ike turned 4 in February! Let me tell you a little about my second son... He has an unhealthy obsession with Thomas and calls John "fit-fat". I am not sure where that one came from, but he calls me "stinky". I would have preferred John's name if given the option, but I wasn't. Ike LOVES baby S. He will sit and hold her and sing to her and it just melts my heart. He is also very kind and patient with E-man but his second favorite thing in the world (anything Thomas being the first) is to bother his older brother. Ike goes to preschool as an excellent peer model but I think his favorite part might be riding the bus to and from. He still has an ear fetish and started sucking his forefinger too. This boy loves to play and be read to. He says his best friend is "Ainswee", he also says he is going to marry her but I don't believe that one quite as readily.

There are so many things about this 4 year old that remind me of his daddy. He is kind, generous, and goofy. He has a very compassionate heart and everyone says he looks just like his Dad. Happy birthday little boy!!

Ike has a cousin who's b-day is exactly 7 days after his. We decided to make it easier on g-ma Kathi and Aunt Jordan to just come up once and just combine the two. We ate dinner and had cake  and ice cream. Ike wanted a Duncan cake. Not a Thomas cake a Duncan cake so I got a Duncan and stuck it on a cake...lucky boy. He got lots of Thomas things which he LOVED and John and I got him this huge kitchen/market thing. All the kids love it, it's even a hit with friends that come over! The sweetest thing was that each of his cousins used their own money to get him a little gift. So sweet! he had a great birthday.