Saturday, June 2, 2012

Three months is a long time without a post. A lot has happened since March 6th or whatever it was at my last post. A is finished with 2nd grade and is loving being out for the summer. She LOVES to go to the pool every day and get new books every week at the library. J-bird is a first grader now! He has really excelled this past year academically and is really interested in outer space right now. Ask him anything....he probably knows the answer! Ike had his tonsils removed in April (which went reasonably well) and he was happy for preschool to be over. Weird kid. I am pretty excited to have him home all day next year. Nap time will be perfect for me to spend some one on one time with him. I think we will do some "preschool" stuff with a friend and a cousin. E-man is all potty trained!! He did so great and now we only have one in diapers!! I am pretty excited about this. Pretty Face (aka Baby S...yeah, I don't know where John comes up with some of these names) is getting so big! I can't believe she is 9 months makes me a little sad. She absolutely adores all the older kids, until she is done with them, then she yells at them until they get out of her face. She won't eat anything unless she can feed it to herself, yet she refuses to hold her own bottle most of the time. She crawls all over the place and has started to pull herself up on everything. Awe, my baby.

Life has been pretty wonderful around here to be honest. We made our big Summer List shortly before the kids got out of school and now, two weeks after their last day, we have accomplished many things on that list already. We have been to the pool several times, the library and the zoo. We have done bike rides, picnics, sprinklers, a BBQ and so many other things. We just recently made a trip to the craft store where everyone picked out a big project that I will work with each of them on. Super fun times over here!! We will knock out many more things on that list and top off the break with a trip to UT to see Grandma and Grandpa Love and, most of all, our annual trip to Lake Powell. We had to miss it last year with me being 9 months prego at the time, and we all (the kids and I anyway, the man is not a huge camper...we still love him though) are so psyched for it!!!

I will have to post pics later, but at least I got an update in! Happy Summer everyone!!