Sunday, February 3, 2013

hello again

Wow!! June 2nd was a LONG time ago!! A lot has happened in the last 8 months. We have had birthdays, holidays, school and some fun family stuff. Let us start at the beginning shall we...

We spent the summer at the pool. The Fourth was spent at my MIL's eating good food and doing fireworks with the kids. The weekend after the Fourth, the kids and I headed to UT.

The drive was long and the baby was sick the whole 16 hours. It was worth it though, we did so many fun things. We spent some much needed time with Grandma and Grandpa Love, aunts, uncles and cousins. We went boating, camping (twice), went to museums and the aviary. We got to spend time at Aunt Jessie's and Uncle Travis' house. We toured Temple Square and we even all "ran" a 5k that ended in the Pioneer Day Parade in SLC. The kids thought it was amazing to walk the parade route and get cheered on by the people sitting out waiting for the parade to start. Jake had a blast at the Planetarium and the copper mine was very interesting.

John joined us out there for a couple weeks and we had even more fun.  We were able to travel to MT to visit John's brother, Scott, and his wife, Laura. They took us hiking to waterfalls and to the hot springs. We went to some caves (super cool!!) and to the kids' great excitement, a playground. We were able to attend church with them and visit Laura's sweet family. We ended our six week stay away at Lake Powell with my siblings, parents, and extended family. I love the lake! Rustic camping is a lot of work, but it is so much fun. We eat, play and chat for a week. I don't have to worry about schedules or naps or making them eat their vegetables. Life is simple. Love it. The kids play in the water and sand all day. The adults visit, water ski, wake board and tube. Actually, A tried wake boarding and she even got up a few times. She also loves to tube. J and Ike were content just to swim and play in the sand. E wouldn't even get in the water past his ankles...weirdo. They all love riding on the boat though and Grandpa loves to take them. John was such a good sport and we both went out wake boarding on Manda and Terron's new boat. I hurt my ankle pretty's just now healed all the way. I was able to hike to the top of Hole in the Rock for the first time and we had a great beach with lots of cool placed to hike and explore nearby. A and I went exploring one day and made up names for all the "mountain tops" that surrounded our beach. John and I decided to take the kids to a "mountain" they wanted to climb one day. After rowing/swimming a big channel with all of them, we started up. We made it to a narrow ledge and A had a panic attack that scared us all to we turned back. Such great times, and great memories.

So, we had a blast with our awesome family. The kids and I were gone for a LONG time. It is very important to me for them to have a relationship with the family members they don't get to see often. My parents are so important to me and I want them to be a big part of my children's lives. That is just difficult to accomplish from 1,000 miles away. We had, and always do have, such a great time with them. We came home from our vaca to school and schedules and extra kids and life. That will be another post though. I am going to try to be better about posting, if for no other reason than to just have some kind of documentation of my awesome life.
 Sick Baby :-(
 We had just had a major battle because none of the boys wanted to sleep next to each other and A "could never" sleep next to one of the boys. I am so glad we worked that out
 J is a monkey, he can climb anything. This pole was a good 12 feet high on the U campus. We were with Aunt Jess waiting for the bus to go back to her house after having lunch with Grandma.
 Natural History museum with Aunt Jess and Cousin Riley
 Natural History Museum. We went on a free was insane!! We witnessed a panicked lady lose her son. I hope they found him. It was pretty cool and the kids had a blast. Their fave was probably digging up dinosaur fossils in the pit outside.
 Completely taking over Aunt Jessie and Uncle Travis' house, and Cousin Riley's toys.
 Ike was just so pooped. HAHAHA
 At a splash park in SLC with Aunt Jess and Great Grandma Von
 Right before the Pioneer Day 5k
 Temple Square. We were on the roof of the Conference Center after our tour
 I believe I have mentioned that E is a weirdo
 We were lucky enough to visit the Hill Air Museum again (love it!) and make it for a class for the kids. They made these little paper rockets and then we went outside and they got to launch them with an air compressor. So cool!! The kids LOVED it.
 J is going to be the first man to walk on Mars he says. He loves space.
 Taken in MT after our picnic and our hike up to the beautiful waterfall.
 At church with Scott and Laura, Baby G was sportin' her first ponytail.
The Lewis and Clark Caves were so cool. They brought back memories of Carlsbad Caverns. Baby G was getting frustrated not being able to get down and get around. E was a bit clinging too, but the other kids loved the caves.
We had so many opportunities to teach the kids, build relationships with loved ones, and just have fun. It was a great time!

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Danna said...

Loved the pictures Clara!
The one of J with his head in the T-rex's mouth cracked me up!
So happy that you guys had such a great trip, family is so very important.
P.S. Love the Color Run shirt :)