Monday, September 29, 2014

What blog?

It's been forever!! So much has happened in the past year since I have posted but then not much at all. I am soooo not going to play catch up for the last year or year and a half or what ever it's been but here are a few highlights:
I had surgery...again.
We had an awesome summer of hanging but the pool with friends and cousins.
We got an awesome dog. Buddy
We had birthdays, holidays and some great memories.
I continued to take care of my body and get into shape.
I got certified and started teaching cycle and Pilates at the gym.
I decided to homeschool the three older kids instead of putting them back in a school that wasn't willing to challenge them.
Our oldest son was baptized.
I LOVED teaching them and at the gym.
We moved. Again.
We had to find a new home for our awesome dog (and much of our belongings).
We are trying to adjust to this new place.

That's about it. In a nutshell.  The big one is moving obviously. The company John was working for in Topeka was bought out and then decided to move all their operations to their main office in Des Moines. That's right Iowa. Moving to Iowa was never on my list of things to willingly do but here we are. It's a great company to work for and everything just fell into place for us to come here. John is really enjoying work. After much prayer, we decided to enroll the kiddos in public school here. Not knowing anyone and the fact that the schools are really great in the area we located to, helped a lot in the decision making process. Anyway, they are enjoying it for the most part. A likes to be around kids her age, she loves to learn, and she is loving all the cool things they get to do. She is playing clarinet in the 5th grade band. J does not love school but tolerates it well enough. He does well academically and has made more of an effort to make friends. Ike loves getting to socialize but is highly inconvenienced when they expect him to learn. The two youngest could have gone to preschool but I decided against it. I love having them home with me and I will do so as long as possible. It's a daily struggle not to pull my older children out...I miss homeschooling them.

Anyhoo, we are here in IA. I am not going to lie, it's not been great. But it's growing on us and we are trying to make the best of it. With all of my new found spare time I am really going to try to post more. We'll see how that goes.